Fair, Green, Everyone can participate.


Fair: Dynamically limit the computing power algorithm and lower the threshold for participants.

Green: Hard disk mining, economical and energy saving, can achieve home mining.

Inclusive: Compatible with all POC2 algorithm mining, dual mining of any POC currency.

POC (Proof Of Capacity) is hard disk mining. Compared with traditional POW (Proof Of Work) currency, it relies on chip computing, which consumes less energy and has higher reliability. The POW mining machine iterates quickly and has a low value preservation rate. POC miners are mainly hard disks, and the market prospects are broad and the value preservation rate is high.


Algorithm: POC(v2)

Block time: 4 minutes

Block reward: 2-20 BTB

21,000,000 total coins

BitcoinByte was forked from Bitcoin Core V 0.18

"Mining" is a program that obtains nonce from the hard disk of the user's computer for a special algorithm to forge new Bitcoinbyte.


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